Glad you are here.

Does this sound familiar?
  • Does your body “betray” you with chronic pain and nagging illness?
  • Are you anxious or confused about your current situation and don’t know where to start?
  • Did you “do everything right” and wonder why your life doesn’t work?
  • Do you know there is more for you in your life, don’t know how to find it, yearn for your “tribe?”?
  • Do you feel alone and hungry for a deeper spiritual connection?
  • Have you dabbled in spiritual healing, but are overwhelmed and long for a mentor?

My clients are women who are struggling with chronic pain or illness, anxiety and depression, and think there should be more to life than confusion and pain. We get to the core of your challenges and heal at a deep, soul level so you can have more ease, joy, connection and sense of purpose in your life. You deserve to be inspired by the possibilities and divine gifts you brought with you into this world.

If you are reading this, it is time for you to step into the life you came here to live, to share the fullness of your authentic self and experience the joy of how your precious gifts enhance the world. The world hungers for YOU to be the greatest you can be.

“When I first came to Robin for a healing, I was a bit skeptical because I had experienced other healings and although they were helpful, they didn’t get to the root of some issues. Frankly, I was a bit shocked at how deep and powerful the healing was, and how much better I felt afterwards. Not just a surface healing, but deep, long standing healing. I am thankful that after two sessions with you, I feel better and more in control of my life than ever before. She truly has a gift, and I hope she will teach others how to do what she does. As a healer myself, I recognize a master healer’s healer.”      Mary Nandory

To contact me to discuss whether working together is right for you, email or call 608.604.0150.