weeping cherub

By Robin Ann Reid  July 5, 2016
The little community I live in is in mourning for a vivacious, beloved young man who died in Italy a few days ago. He had traveled there to study, and his future held so much promise. We are taking time to grieve for this cherished son and mark the preciousness of life.

As parents, the fears we have around sending our children into the world are uncountable. With this terrible tragedy we may be moved to hold them back from the unthinkable possibilities that may lie just around the corner. But the antidote to that fear is to remember that our children’s lives are their own, that they have a trajectory and focus that should be at least unfettered and at best encouraged, supported and celebrated.

The greatest tribute we can offer this fine young man and his grieving family is to inspire our children to follow their hearts’ desires and explore the greater world. By encouraging them to live without fear or constriction, we can make sure the promise of Beau’s beautiful young life is played out and fulfilled hundreds of times over. We can not let the small places of terrible darkness stop the fulfillment of our curiosity and seeking for understanding and greater light.